Vantage Point Knifeworks exists to help knife owners and enthusiasts make their knife unique by offering custom G10, Micarta and other material offerings for scale and handle upgrades.

Material and Texture Options

I offer G10’s, Micarta’s in many different base material options (Linen, Canvas, etc) Carbon Fiber’s, Synthetic’s,  and soon will be offering metal options, such as Titanium.   

Texturing options include everything from Polished and Glossy to Coarse Peel Plies



There are other ways we can also customize your favorite knife, such as backspacers, hardware, blade refinishing, and soon, Poboy’s.  


All scale sets ship with new clip screws, along with an alignment pin that helps during installation to ensure proper fitment.    You can also purchase additional hardware for your knife, from standard Philips screws in Black or Satin, and also Torx packages.