As you search the site, you’ll see two common phrases come up with my scale options:  Medium Peel Ply and Coarse Peel Ply.  This is the texture level on the G10 surface that offers grip.   Stock Emersons came with both, and here’s how to tell the difference.  Stock black G10 scales are almost exclusively Medium Peel Ply, short of some “sprint runs”, or limited runs, as they’re called.  The models that did come with Coarse Peel Ply were most notably:


XHD Models

Jungle and Desert Models

This list isn’t all inclusive, but covers most of the ones you’ll see out in the wild.  Below is a shot of a Medium (Ghost Gray on right) and a Coarse (OD Green on left)

Many customers who want to stay with the original texture and grip feel of their original Emerson, will opt for the Medium.   Those who are in hard-use conditions, such as EMT, 1st Responder, Military, etc. will opt for a Coarse texturing, as the conditions may get a bit “slippery”.     Not all colors are available in both textures, and many times it’s almost impossible to find a certain color in a type of texture, short of a special order.

The Digicam Coarse Peel Ply I offer was a special order I placed in early 2021 with some close knife buddies, and is the only known Coarse Digicam Peel Ply available on the aftermarket.  Many companies will use a Digicam base, however it will be in a Fine or Medium peel ply, and these are almost always exclusive to “sprint runs”, or limited editions.

In the Custom Section (Coming Soon),  you can have any Emerson model, and soon, other brands, built with any of my color and texture options.  Pricing is based on model, hardware needed due to thickness differences, and other special needs- Lanyard Delete or Oversize, LH carry, clip hole relocation, etc.

Micarta’s will always have a different feel and texture based on many factors:

Base material:  Linen, Canvas, Paper, Burlap, etc.

Sanding Techniques:   Fine vs Medium vs Coarse belt

Blasted vs. Non-Blasted

Checking:  This option is highly labor intensive and completely done by hand.